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Explore additional resources and educational materials, specifically selected to help you understand various issues surrounding NIPT.

Download the NIPT Insights App for Apple (Illumina Content)

NIPT Insights mobile app is an educational tool that gives you information about testing and screening for the common chromosomal conditions (e.g. Down syndrome) and is especially helpful for women considering noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT).

The app is available to everyone but information related to screening options is specific to UK, Spain and France.


The bite-sized and easy to understand content in NIPT Insights is designed for parents-to-be who want to stay informed during their pregnancy regardless of their previous knowledge of prenatal screening and testing choices. NIPT Insights allows you to save and share topics you’d like to discuss with your partner or health care provider. Works offline too.

Learn about all of your options for pregnancy genetic testing, and which is best for you.

Compare NIPT to other prenatal testing options (first trimester screening, second trimester screening, ultrasound, chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and amniocentesis).

Save topics that you want to discuss with your healthcare provider during your next appointment.

Share a summary of My Appointment notes via email with your healthcare provider or partner.


Terms and Conditions

This material is intended to provide users with basic information on prenatal screening and is for general educational purposes only. The app is not intended to be used to substitute for the exercise of any health care provider professional judgement in providing professional services.

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